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Accelerate Your Business with Email Marketing and Newsletter Management

Connect with your leads generation and prospects on your terms. Collect their information with opt ins and offers. Convert them into paying clients and customers! In the marketing world we understand that a business owners email list is “worth it’s weight in GOLD!”


Do you use email to send newsletters, promotions or updates to your customers? How do you follow up with leads that didn’t buy “right now”? Email newsletters and mass email correspondence drive more views and conversion for the least amount of investment than any other marketing solution you could develop – and this is the technology to get you up and running fast!

Your social booster marketing enables simple and effective email marketing that anyone can use! Create templates, manage contacts, execute quality email marketing campaigns, and measure your analytics, all inside the portal.





Our intuitive drag and drop editor, Passport can help you design beautifully crafted responsive emails in just a few moments. Use our rich library of free email templates or create your own from scratch. Create personalized marketing templates that look good on any screen, in minutes.


Make each customer feel special – send email campaigns with a human touch. Personalize how your email from how it looks in your recipient’s inbox to the content they open. Quickly and easily tailor dynamic content for each individual email based on variables such as name, location and historical activity.


Contact Management

Build your audience. Install our opt-in widget on your website to capture email addresses and automatically sync to contact lists in your account. Upload your own contact list as either a CSV, TXT or XLS file. Our system can seamlessly integrate into your CRM acting as your second pair of eyes, filtering out unsubscribes and possible errors.


Real-time statistics help you understand which recipients engaged with your email. Who opened your email? Where your email is being read? Who clicked through from your email? Our reporting feature allows you to track the delivery of your emails. Enabling you to refine your email marketing strategy and optimize the performance of your campaigns.



Always send the right content to the right customer. Segment your contact list by preferences, past behaviors or demographics such as most purchased item, frequency of engagement or age. Optimize your content and collect deep, targeted insights send after send.

Automated Workflows

Create automated workflows that can send emails and entire campaigns to different list segments. Welcome emails or campaigns to onboard new clients. Send an email or series on certain dates or anniversarys, or even appoinment reminders!

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